Selfie from a visit to the NOEMA telescope array in the French alps.

Hi! I’m Jonas Enander. I’m a science writer and communicator with a focus on physics and astronomy.

I write popular science articles for different magazines. In 2024 I will publish a popular science book about black holes on Albert Bonnier’s publishing house. The book tells the story of what black holes are, what role they play in the Universe and what insights they give us into space, time and even our own lives on Earth.

I also run a Swedish podcast called Rumtiden, and am currently recording episodes for an English-based podcast. I also have a Youtube channel (mostly in Swedish).


I have a varied background in physics, working with different things.

I have done research in cosmology and astrophysics. I got my PhD in physics in 2015 from Stockholm University. After my PhD, I moved to Germany to do postdoctoral research in astrophysics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Around this time, I decided to switch career to science outreach and communication.

I’ve worked as a physics teacher at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Besides the research and teaching experience, I’ve been involved with two concrete science projects. As an undergrad, I was a telescope assistant at the Swedish Solar Telescope on La Palma. As a graduate student, I went to the South Pole twice to help with the construction of the IceCube observatory.

Today, my main focus is on science communication. To improve my skill in that area, I did an internship at the Communications Department of the European Southern Observatory in Germany.

During the autumn of 2023, I’m a Vossius fellow at the University of Amsterdam, doing history of science research.

What can you do on this site?

I keep a record on the texts I’ve written here. You can read (mostly in Swedish) blog posts here.

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